The Geopolitics Behind the War in Yemen: The Start of a New Front against Iran

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Global Research, March 29, 2015 The United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became very uneasy when the Yemenese or Yemenite movement of the Houthi or Ansarallah (meaning the supporters of God in Arabic) gained control of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa/Sana, in September 2014. The US-supported Yemenite President Abd-Rabbuh Manṣour Al-Hadi was […]

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The Great War For The Middle East

By Gulam Asgar MITHA (Canada) Our form of democracy is bribery, on the highest scale; It makes no difference who Americans vote for- the two parties (property parties) are really one party representing four percent of the people – quotes from (late) Gore Vidal. The planning for conquest of the Middle East started with the […]

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Nicaragua v. United States

The Republic of Nicaragua v. The United States of America (1986) ICJ 1 is a public international law case decided by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ ruled in favor of Nicaragua and against the United States and awarded reparations to Nicaragua. The ICJ held that the U.S. had violated international law by […]

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